Australian Multicultural Council, Member Current
Appointed by former Minister for Social Services, Hon Kevin Andrews MP. This Council was assembled to advise the Federal Government on Multicultural Policy and Programs
Mental Health Foundation of Australia, Board Member Current
An active member since 1993, I have contributed most actively through the Fund Raising Committee that organises the annual Golden Opportunity Ball.
Confederation of Indian Australian Associations Inc, Chair Current
Elected as Chair in 2013, this organisation for the first time brings together Australia’s disparate Indian community organisations under one umbrella and one voice.
Victoria Police Multicultural Reference Council, Member Current
A member of this important reference group since 2014, the Council liaises with and advises Victoria Police on matters of policy and practice in their relationship with multicultural communities. The Council has taken an even greater prominent role in recent years as the Force deals with youth and Islamic community relationships.
Australia India Community Charitable Trust Current
As a Founder and a Trustee, I have worked alongside various Community Organisations, and in partnership with Dutch Care to establish the first ever ethno-specific aged care in Victoria. We have so far been able to secure a licence for 70 beds from the Federal Government. The centre is currently in the planning stages in Noble Park, Melbourne.
The Federation of Indian Multi-faith Organizations Victoria Incorporated (FIMO), Trustee Current
I was a leading force in the establishment of this umbrella organization of the various Indian, Sri Lankan and Fijian community groups – 45 Religious and Spiritual groups in Victoria. Currently actively involved in policy setting as a Trustee.
The Federation of Indian Music & Dance Victoria Inc (FIMDV), Founder & Trustee Current
FIMDV is an umbrella organization of the various 26 Indian, Sri Lankan and Fijian music and dance schools in Victoria. Music and dance are extremely important aspects of these communities. As a Founder, I am currently a Trustee and active in policy making and direction setting, media promotion and general board activities in support of multicultural music and culture pursuits.





Official Visit Organiser, Delegation of Opposition Leader Matthew Guy 2015
I was responsible for organising the visit of Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew Guy to India in September 2015. Leveraging a range of strong connections with leaders in government, financial services, education, and technology this trip successfully enhanced the economic and governmental ties of Victoria in a range of cities across India.
Livingstone Primary School, School Council Member 2007 – 2015
As someone who is passionate about early childhood education and primary school education, and as a local resident of Vermont for 22 years, I served on this important community body for a significant number of years.
Museum India, Founder 2014
I was a leading force in the establishment of Museum India – Victoria’s one of kind, and the only museum outside India, showcasing fascinating historical artwork, Indian culture, heritage and famous events from Indian mythologies. The Museum was established in association with Dr. Dinesh Parekh, with the kind assistance from Victoria Government (OMAC) and Government of India.
Federation of Indian Associations of Victoria (FIAV), President 2009 – 2014
FIAV is the peak organisation for a range of Indian community associations. Since FIAV’s establishment in 1989 I have actively participated in its activities as President and Chairman of Advisory Board.
Victorian Government Ministerial Advisory Ethnic Business Council, Member 2011 – 2014
Appointed in 2011 by former Victorian Minister for Small Business Hon. Louise Asher, this Council provided advice and recommendations to the Victorian Government.
Meritorious Service Award, Victorian Government 2013
Awarded a MERETORIOUS SERVICE AWARD for excellence in multicultural affairs by the Victorian Government.
Lord Mayor’s Charitable Grants Committee, Member 2003 – 2013
A long standing and highly regarded charitable organisation, I was a Member of the Family Panel of the Grants Committee, actively involved in Grants & Funding preparation for the family panel.
Manningham Multicultural Community Group, Vice Chair 2012
Using my networks and relationships I was an instrumental part in bringing together 35 community groups under one banner. This Community Group gave an important common voice on issues of widespread community concern.
Manningham Multicultural Community Precinct Project, Founder & Chair 2010
This project was established in 2010 uniting three major community groups under one trust, the purpose of which was to work together for the planning, mediation and negotiations with other community groups to establish Australia’s first multicultural community centre.
Victoria Police Reference Group for International Students, Member 2009 – 2010
This important Reference Group provided advice and recommendations to Victoria Police at a pivotal point in time for the reputation and relationship of the Victorian education industry with international students.
Victorian Government International Education Board, Member 2009 – 2010
This body provided broader policy advice and recommendations to the Victorian Government to safeguard the reputation of Victoria’s largest export industry – international education.


Various high level State & Federal Ministerial Advisory roles, Member


2009 – 2010

During this period I was a member of numerous high level State and Federal ministerial and advisory briefing and liaison bodies relating to Indian student violence incidents and matters of importance to multicultural policy.

This included high level liaison and policy making bodies within the Victorian Multicultural Commission, Victoria Police, Victorian Government and Federal Government

I also made numerous appearances in state, national and international media in support of Victorian community – including authoring of press releases and media appearance.

2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games, De Attache – Indian Contingent 2006
Appointed by the Government of India, I played a major role in organizing venues for closing ceremony rehearsals for 45 days. I was also a part of the team in organizing 1100 breakfasts, lunches and dinners every day with the caterers for all the participants. A fleet of 110 buses with drivers for transporting performers from various suburbs in Melbourne and for Indian performers from Ballarat to Melbourne every day was a major task for which I was responsible. I was also involved in organizing the Games Village for the Indian athletes.


Community Council on Ethnic Issues (Eastern Region)
I was a Committee member of this important community body for five years, serving two years as Vice President of this Council.
Rotary International
Prior to my arrival in Melbourne I was very actively involved in India and Singapore with community groups including Rotary International. In 1987 upon my arrival in Melbourne I became an active Rotarian with the Mordialloc Rotary Club, Oakleigh and Forest Hill until 2003. I took a leading role to raise funds for Polio Plus. I was also very active in delivering meals on wheels to the needy, organizing jumble sales and curry nights to name a few.
Hindu Society of Victoria
Immediately after my arrival in Melbourne I also became a life member of the Hindu Society of Victoria and served as the Vice President. During my tenure as the Vice President I organised a number activities including concerts by talented and famous artists from India like M.L. Vasanthakumari, Dr K.J. Jesudas to name a few to raise funds for the temple construction. Other activities included Mother’s day and Father’s day lunch and Vegetarian dinner.
Shri Shiva Vishnu Temple
Religion plays an important part in many cultures and societies. As someone committed to making religious observance accessible to all, I took active role in organizing for the construction of the landmark Shri Shiva Vishnu Temple from inauguration which was the foundation ceremony till completion of construction including dealing with artisans from India and arranging for their travel to Melbourne. Today the Shri Shiva Vishnu Temple is a landmark to all the visiting Indians and to the Victorian community.
Australia India Tamil Sangam
I was the Founder and Patron of Australia India Tamil Sangam Melbourne. This organisation was established in 1991 and runs Sanskrit & Tamil language classes, and run competitions for children every year in May to develop their knowledge of Hinduism and learn about Indian culture and tradition.
East West Foundation – affiliated with Mental Health Foundation Australia
In 1993 I became one of the founding members and an administrator of the East West Foundation, an organisation affiliated with Mental Health Foundation Australia. Mental health has been an important issue for me for a long period of time. I believe this important health issue is best tackled at a local level. I participated in organizing seminars and lectures in Melbourne for an awareness campaign on depression and other mental health issues and ways in dealing with them. I also organized awareness campaigns in Rural Victoria including Shepparton and Warrnambool.
East – West Foundation India
I was a Member of the East – West Foundation India (Uluru Regional Health Centre and Uluru Children’s home in Pondicherry, India) until 2000. I assisted in establishing a rural clinic with two full time doctors, two staff nurses and two clinical assistants. In 2004, the Foundation established Uluru Children’s’ home with 52 children (destitute and orphans); providing education, means and medical assistance.
Sacred Heart Mission St Kilda
For over ten years I was active member of the Volunteers Board of Sacred Heart Mission St. Kilda & Feed the Needy project in Melbourne. In this capacity I assisted in organizing the Feed the Needy event every year on Boxing Day and feeding around 500 – 700 people. In this capacity I was also involved with the international student community for organizing similar kinds of event 5 to 6 times a year.