Vasan Srinivasan is the first person of Indian origin to be appointed as member of the Australian Multicultural Council.

Mr. Vasan Srinivasan is a well-known community leader who is respected not only by the ethnic community groups but also the main stream Community in Australia.


  • Vasan is also on the Board of Mental Health Foundation of Australia
  • Former member – Victorian Government International Education Board
  • Vasan is the former President – Federation of Indian Association of Victoria (FIAV) 2009-2014
  • Vasan is the Former Member (2011-2014) of Victorian Government Ministerial Advisory Ethnic Business Council.
  • Vasan Srinivasan was awarded the MERETORIOUS SERVICE AWARD for excellence in multicultural affairs by the Victorian Government
  • Former chair of Confederation of Indian Australian Association Inc (CIAA)

Vasan has also held numerous high level State and Federal ministerial and advisory briefing and liaison roles relating to Indian student violence incidents and matters of importance to multicultural policy with Victorian Multicultural Commission, Victoria Police, Victorian Government and Federal Government

Australian Multicultural Council, Member

Appointed by former Minister for Social Services, Hon Kevin Andrews MP. This Council was assembled to advise the Federal Government on Multicultural Policy and Programs

Victoria Police Multicultural Reference Council, Member

A member of this important reference group since 2014, the Council liaises with and advises Victoria Police on matters of policy and practice in their relationship with multicultural communities. The Council has taken an even greater prominent role in recent years as the Force deals with youth and Islamic community relationships.